The White Crow

So much to do, so much to work on. Art is a game of sacrifice and there goes the head of that very personality.

With only three and sincere films out, Ralph Fiennes should be on your list just as it is mine, if you wish to sober up with a film. He has explored various subjects, heavy subjects in these films. Something that is not usually advised or even dared. Yet, post three successful films- successful as in they’re good- Fiennes remains barely high on his skills. And unfortunately that is not a compliment in here. Usually this is a good thing. But as a director you are required to be confident in your material, your characters, your film. And what is at loss here is the attention of the audience. You have to be in command of those two hours as soon as the lights shut down and the magic begins.

What is happening now, is that the audience finds itself promising for a truce to meet the storyline, the characters halfway there. That is not a commute I’d like to do. I say commute because I have been through that road a lot. So why and how does Ralph’s film still manages to dance at the tip of its toe, the entire show? It is the debates. The arguments, productive and sometimes just thrilling debates, is what seduces you to do the right thing.

Or wrong thing. It is personally motivated and emotionally challenged. That is all that matters. Ralph has a spectacular way to move the audience. And for a dance themed film you would assume that it is the razzle dazzle show or the textbook training montages that will swoon you in. But remember the seduction in the film is always wrong and challenged. And so it is in the film The White Crow, not the hardworking nor the pay off, but the leisurous time that it spends more than it earns, is the logic Ralph pursues.

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