Gemini Man

I can see everything clearly, just not the purpose, the reasoning behind all these A listers coming together.

Lee’s cartoonish speech is similar to Tim Burton’s. Although it doesn’t mean that it weighs the director, Ang Lee down, like it does to him. This has always been the major difference between their direction. If Burton invests incredibly on his set pieces, the production design, that is to say he is ready for creating this world, childish and loveable. Ang Lee on the other hand, sits back and waits for the post-production time, his favorite slot, where he colors his world with eye popping visual aesthetics that comes in handy in our CGI generation.

There is nothing wrong with both of their methods. If anything I’d call it a bold move. For the risk is higher now, the stakes are doubled. Now, there is this sword hanging by a hair on your head whispering you the inconvenient- and yes, inconvenient- consequence of your misfire. So what happens if you somehow land the landing with a dramatic pose in this minefield. Well, the answer is Life Of Pi. And what happens if you fail? Unfortunately the answer is Gemini Man.

And I have to soldier on in my life thinking that this film is bad. Especially, the work that was involved. And I am not going to go and rant about the visual effects but for Will Smith. That is not to say, his performance is some captivating soul that latches onto you from the start. If anything it is actually dull. But then there are these glimpses that he shares with us that are truly pure. This may also suggest that the film is edited poorly. It is not the first time that a good performance was edited out into a bad one. It is just that I didn’t want this one to be stated under that sad list.

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