No more worrying about the red sirens, not donuts but candies are popped in those cars.

Dreamworks is no Pixar or Disney. Dreamworks in its own words remains a dream. The filmographies that comes under its banner is a mixed bag of feelings for me. And if those mixed feelings have subjects like ineffective procedure bad mouthing the film, the idea is always something you could rely upon. At least it used to come under the “what if” list and provokes an interesting debate in the bar. But this time, even that idea is rotten. Outdated, to be honest. And not outdated like years or decades ago, but recently.

We’ve had such topics rubbed on our faces multiple times by these banners as an excuse of either rediscovering a world or humanizing a new creature or ten other topics that would make them animate adorable faces for us to swoon over them. And as far as “cuteness”, as the kid says these days, is concerned there is no holding back. Even someone evil voiced by Sarah Paulson is given a curly red hair and big glasses to be easy on the eyes. But this is as far as the animation goes. It is colored too innocent and too pretty to balance the world with something dirty.

And there comes a pivotal point where it has to choose and spoil its hands. It goes without saying that the opportunity is missed embarrassingly. The other reason why the texture doesn’t feel realistic or animated is the detailing. And you can see that quite clearly when it comes to wide shots and the world that it shows that looks like is drawn by a four year old kid. As mentioned, beautiful, cute, and colorful. Abominable never had any chance to be beyond a kid’s show, something how they define it, although I wouldn’t.

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