Apocalypse Now

To what extent should you go to tell your story or finish your work? Francis says, hands down forty years to just begin with.

Francis Ford Coppola might possibly the only director whose multiple films come under hot debates like, “Which film should be considered the best among the entire cinematic history?” It goes without saying that Apocalypse Now is a top contender. And not for the amount of work that went just in production and post production- the editing factor is still the most changingly controversial aspect of the film, there have been three versions where actually none of them matches the huge length of the original shot. Leaving all those post success debates behind, the film in its entirety is a battle for sure; mind you, I am taking all the versions into account and also no matter what I say, some of this or all of this has already been said about this classic over the years and even generations.

The film communicates the threat of the battle by challenging its audience first and foremost. And you’d think that it is not fair, since the film is the one with the voice and the stage. Francis even describes this unfair advantage in the narration by changing the perspective of the viewers about war. And the horror strikes you then, when you realize how easy the war was.

How Francis has crafted the most sinister deeds easily accessible. The chilling sound effects of the helicopter is your secondary concern, the primary is its ability to mask itself as God and snatch the basic rights of a civilization. Another thing to note here is how the terror of war is not only expressed as a form of an attack but a defence mechanism too. The most natural instinct is burned to an infernal excuse to breathe. Easily, the film is not for everyone. It makes you think how completely different certificate should be allowed to such classics.

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