The Brothers Bloom

No one does it like Johnson, not even the past Johnson, what witheld him previously, is now boosting him calculatively.

Johnson is my hero. Never has he disappointed me and neither will he- that’s arrogont and stupid. The writer and director Rian Johnson has a meandering plan in his mind. And with an experience like his, he gets it right out of his vision just as it was anticipated. Light hearted summer spectacle that is not only entertaining but immensely witty. And these are big shoes to fill. Plenty have come and gone and tried to balance the good old drama and humor duo. Luckily, Johnson has an excellent duo, enacting as brothers for life, Adrain Brody as the sombre romantic and Mark Ruffalo as the dazzling mastermind are a perfect match to Johnson’s dream. And this is to its most entertaining because he is a smart chap.

He understands the psychology that a genre of such puts an audience into. That state of mind is just as sharp as it would be when you are say cheating on an exam or actually conning someone- those are the only two things I could come up with. This self appointed police always, always tries to belittle any plot twists and turns. And maybe Johnson being one, being a fan, puts a spin around the whole game and manages to stay two steps ahead of you.

You can see him make moves, you can see him bluff, but you cannot catch him. The nuanced notions that you observe and speculate everything revolving around it is taken account in narration as well. And hence you get these little euphoric dose every now and then where Johnson discloses the curtains and the tail you think you were following was a practical joke. Back to zero. And it is that do over process that makes The Brothers Bloom a staggering display of proper character study.

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