Rylance is an exceptional performer, not the meltdowns, but he makes the “good morning” count.

I know that there are tons of visual effects studios that throws their fliers every month on your face gloating how far and above has the technology reached. I am not even rummaging around the storytelling and the quality of it yet. Just visual effects. Pushing their own selves, what they had achieved previously. Previous month, actually. Yet there is not that joy. That wow factor. If anything their definition of it has turned into incoherence. Shuffled up only to belittle us both mentally- that’s a pseudo effect though- and physically.

That scale is the apt term to be used to describe the director Steven Spielberg’s dream project. Since the two main characters are of a completely different scale, the visual effects is honed in a way that this theme doesn’t get deteriorated amidst all the razzle dazzle. And the cinematography is factoring in on this majorly. Just watch the way even the slightest moment flows along with you. Picking someone up from here to there, that sums up the entire film.

For that very germ of an idea sprouts the car chase game, the dream catching sequence, the recipe making metaphors to a delightful tea party. Not only we are reminded perpetually about the gravitas, the magnitude of the banality that the story moves towards, but also the fact that it is written by two childish characters. And if you won’t be able to filter out the difference. The film will come off a bit presumptuous. While it actually is meant to be. The dots connected are odd and questionable. The plot skips are actually not a narrative decision but a character description. The BFG is an odd cookie, a coffee doesn’t go with it neither does tea, the bubbles go up and a blessing rain is a curse.

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