One Cut Of The Dead

And I thought no one captured the team spirit in a way that Disney does, it’s an honor to be proved wrong.

The screenwriter and the director Shinichiro Ueda has made a wrong film. It is not odd, but wrong. A film like this should never succeed. It shouldn’t even work. And yet against all odds. All methods. Procedures. Years of experience. History, to learn from. Inspire form. It is a beautiful film. Guillermo del Toro says that within the first ten minutes of the film, you can tell how the film is. And it is rare for a film then to change your mind. And this happens in here. But that was planned. The film is structured in a way to throw you off the hook.

So when the time comes to grab you with both of its hands, the film never leaves you and your sight. And the makers does this by keeping an audience member, even us, at certain moments, in that shot. We are the uncredited character. And the most valuable one. If the first act, the One Cut Of The Dead, that first shot keeps us behind the camera, in front of the screen, where we are now, the fourth wall then breaks down as we start exploring the “making” of that act.

And by then, a character is tagged for enacting like the audience, and his or her reaction is captured perpetually and shown to us. It may even drive your feelings as how you might take that scene. And it is satisfying for these characters to hold the film together- both the one in the film and the one itself- convincing us to participate and enjoy. And this is an important fabric of the storyline. For the last shot of the film is them taking a sigh of relief from working hard. That relaxation isn’t something you can achieve, if you don’t care for them or if you have not invested in the process.

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