Ocean’s Twelve

I know I come under a minority section, but I think that this chapter captured the essence of the cast perfectly.

Soderberg’s second round and personal favourite was never actually shot. Or more actually it was just shot. Not planned, nor choreographed, no script, nothing. In the previous film’s shooting, the things that went out of control is all honed into this two hours of heist. And the dumbness that knowingly this cast, the writer and the director embodies, is the key to enjoy such humor. You have to partake in that groovy background score, half grinned face and annoyingly and irrelevantly prioritized topics that they discuss with deep analyzation and three dimensional perspective. Only if the making of the film was respected as those little things were.

The director Steven Soderberg though, is bringing his A game on keeping these A list starter in lease, and what you find is similar to Damien Chazelle’s type of direction in every scene. But what I loved the most about the film is why it was criticized majorly. First of all, the myths surrounding these guys deeds in the previous chapter and to top it off, the bonkers ideas executed on screen. Luckily, Soderberg has an eye for framing this larger than screen idea and that is by never actually animating the action.

After which, it seems easy, the idea seems plausible and for a minute there, you buy into the product. Another thing how it differentiates largely from the other two chapters, is the meta nature. Actually, saying that the trilogy turns meta isn’t enough. That would be understating things. Not only an entire act, the entire plan hinges upon the aspect of pointing out an actor while the film runs but even the jokes landed in the film are not actually for the characters but the actors portraying it. Ocean’s Twelve is a riot of laughter, the joke is not for everyone just as this once-in-a-lifetime of a cast isn’t.

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