What If

To me, it started as a date movie, and then ended up being entirely different, something more.

Dowse does not seem like a complete fanatic for the mushy gushy romance that Hollywood is infamous and criticized for. He doesn’t particularly love the idea of a rainy Saturday evening with warm coffee in bed and Meg Ryan on TV. And maybe that’s why, that’s the only reason why this film works. I am going to skip way ahead now and give you an example of a scene that basically comes at the end of the film. No spoilers, but there is a scenario in the film where even someone “outsider” as the director Michael Dowse from this world, has to drop all his guards and give in to that ultimate date movie scene.

And even though he tries with incredible slow camera work and other parlor tricks, he fails to conjure the audience as any other Hugh Grant film would and does. Danielle Radcliff as Wallace and Zoe Kazan as Chantry are the only ones driving the scene to home for us. Another reason why the film succeeds is the safe and secure fall of the film, after Dowse pushes it away from being starry eyed.

And this push lands on a pillow whose origin is from that very awkward feeling of running away and bumping into crass slapstick humor. And holding that side of the line is Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis as a raunchy couple outdoing themselves in each scenario leading our lead couple into trouble- that silence in the car is the highlight of the film. They are the textbook supporting cast of the romcom genre, their goofiness sculpts into a deep prosperous enlightening theme. What If is the most spookiest name I have ever heard of a film especially considering the fact that, to this day, I don’t get the title, at all.

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