The Dark Knight

The laugh rolls down a tear and tear, a satisfying shock, a film attempting to reach all the levels of the emotions, succeeds on all of them; that has got to be rare.

Nolan’s Hamlet-alike Batman is a wise old soul that has reached a place and places a stone so deep and so illuminating that it almost feels unfathomable to be touched or even seen. Continuing the legacy of The Dark Knight comics, Nolan explored the aftermath of a vigilante marking justice with his bare hands in the previous chapter. Ergo, this season is politically influenced, challenged and correct. Above all the intricacies of the plots suggested in this crime saga, my personal favorite, is how human this said-superhero is treated.

With clean crime comes a clean film. Compared to the previous adventure of the Batman, the action is crisp, smart and a complete fanatic of itself. Take the characters, for instance. On what stage and state they are in. The reason I’d like to think, they all fail and never were ever going to reach the salvation they hope for, is because they barely are thinking about others. And here comes the final Nolan touch. All the “bad guys” of the film are actually thinking about others. Their ideologies hence remains above our heroes and their deeds not so much.

And hence emerges, one of the finest and sensible villains, the history of cinema has ever encountered. The Joker played hungrily by Heath Ledger will stay timeless for both its performance and what it leaves and breathes for. And they are the questions, his cheats and lies, are actually vital questions that whips us now, just as they did then and they will in the future. For there is no definite answer or any answer that Nolan is throwing out in the world, it can float untouched in a bubble as much as you like. Personally, I felt Harvey Dent played like a bad boyfriend by Aaron Echart, has a last act that exceeds the Joker’s final bluff in the game. Probably because the Joker’s is a question- which comes in early- and Dent has a cold answer that no one wants to hear. And since his crux of the trick feeds on the last moment, watching those three wrong-doers play a game of chance feels like the best note to end a film on.

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