The Dark Knight Rises

The film is split into two parts, not the training and the war, but in the he said, she said, way.

Pressure and price. We’ve all been in this situation for ages now. We’ve seen greater, more ambitious and potential franchises fumbling in its last chapter. So, how do you top or even match a film that made Academy double the nods in the Best Film category just because they, despite all the hype, failed to justify the momentum it deserved and the weight it carried? You leave them happy. Not sugar coated but a satisfying experience. And this linear- and I emphasize on that since it feels extremely simple and coherent to go through- calm ride is not obsessed on swooping up the Easter eggs but returning home.

Batman faces a new threat along with allies and cheats, as he is stripped down to zero on his resources. Nolan treats this film in a manner that could be said, Kevin Feige treats Endgame. The only difference is that Endgame carries a boost coming from 22 films and this one has to start from the inception; not that one. Yes, it could be argued that this film also carries the love of its previous two chapters, but Nolan rubs off the entire board before we could note down any thing.

And in fact if there are any previous references to be accounted for, they come in a bit lazy and pretty standard in contrast to the rest of the material. So this is how Nolan satisfies you with a product. He visits locations, antics, dialogues, characters, everything twice in the film. And in the first visit he sets the boundaries and in the second breaks it with style. And this remains the theme in all the big plot events or tiny elements or punchlines, it is almost as if the film goes through a longer route just to amplify the grounded work established by The Dark Knight (Rises).

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