Four Weddings And A Funeral

Very few times does an intention gets the reaction that the core of the positive star expects, this is one of those times.

Newell is creating history. What I find fascinating and funny is that he does it with cream filled cookies and goody shakes. Richard Curtis, the writer and Mike Newell, the director’s film is a textbook cliche in rom com genre. What he does in here is all familiar, seen-this-seen-that and frankly ordinary. Inadvertently, what they are doing is raising a vital question in this filmmaking process and it is that what should be kept above all. The way of storytelling or the story itself.

And the answer that the film screams in love is the style and the authenticity through which a story is told. If you have a better version to be told of those same characters and the same storyline, it should not only be accepted but encouraged. And that very, a boy meets a girl, they fall in love, the situation sets them apart, another ingredient is added to spice up the dish, boy and girl finally realizes their mistake and they claim their love under the sun and the rain, is told here. But it is fun. It is a film that stays with you.

You can always ring the bell among a crowd with a feel good film, but the only way to make it last longer is by never sugar coating the charmness it consists. And it never for a frame takes that for granted. The jokes are kept in smooth, the one liners are pinned down by the pragmatic environment and the levity that grounds the game changing confessions, just watch Kristen Scott Thomas and Hugh Grant play the awkwardness between them, their body language is far superior than what they speak. Four Weddings And A Funeral overcomes its conceptual issues with spontaneity something that our usual love track lacks.

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