Borat: The Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

Sacha’s skills on questioning as an interviewer are no match to his answers that he voluntarily whispers.

Sacha Baron Cohen remains the raunchiest witty comic personality to this day and his work couldn’t define him better than this political comedy. This political agenda that it pursues or lives and dies for, isn’t actually political. Very early in the film, the premise gets lost and you are left with an outdated man in an out-of-comfort territory trying to fit in. This cultural difference that Sacha has created remains mythical. In the sense that whenever he compares, and he does compare a lot, to all the new things he, as entitled to and is keen towards, insists on learning is often mashed on your face with absurd level of wrong-ness that leaves long gasping of air in the room rather than a riot of laughter.

And this is what it looks forward to. Not that it doesn’t consist of belly aching laughs, there are plenty of ongoing gags like Cohen’s jealous neighbor, his way of greeting, him describing his family and his love for a TV star actress that he found out just last night. Addition to that, his political incorrectness, social incompetence, communication problems, gender inequality, hygiene issues and unflinching honest confessions are just a few other things that adds up to the laughter.

And crafting this very unearthly character Sacha never persists on us to get manipulated or fall for his views. It is not later on, until you feel this. For, for the time being you do feel sorry for him, that empathy is what Sacha inadvertently works on and can’t help himself but make his audience fell normalized by his behavior, his language, something that would be off putting and maniacally dangerous, if peeled off and observed individually. Borat remains a genius authentic comic adventure for its effortless procedure, it is so simple that no one could come up with it.

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