Spider-Man: Far From Home

MCU’s blueprint is shockingly durable or maybe it is the malleability of the writers, either way the summer has still some legs.

Watts is buoyed by the politically and socially fit theme in the film that we have been whipped religiously nowadays. On that very note, Marvel has always stayed ahead of its game. Evidently, Kevin Feige reports that The Winter Soldier and Civil War had political themes that incidentally matched the circumstances. And the director Jon Watts, unlike the previous installment, speaks expressly on such heavy matters since this character is told to be the front page news in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from now on. Carrying that heavy burden on the shoulders is not just this chapter but the lead Peter Parker played by Tom Holland where both the character and actor is going through the same phenomenon.

But saying that the script is trippy would be understating it. By now, we can all agree that this franchise has grown more that just movies. But even for the standards of a comic book story, this is one hefty meal to swallow. And to add more spice, the flips and turns are so bizarre that you are taken aback as a viewer questioning everything. Ergo, to lighten the mood, the Marvel knocks on its most controversial subject, i.e. humor.

This bland of good and bad and familiar and forced laughs never fits in on this trip, despite the fact that it follows a teenage love story. The film suffers only when it tries to be both. Light footed and moody when grounding the characters through small talks and supporting character and, escalating these verbal sparring into bigger aspects like mourning, fake news, responsibility and the most tedious aspect of a job; the routine. This transaction is not completely convincing. A laziness or maybe commercially restricted deadline can be pointed out at such moments.

The film is visually stunning. Fortunately, it is a part of narration. So sit back and enjoy the thrilling ride in big IMax screen. Speaking of action, the choreography isn’t as spectacular as Marvel cannon usually brings out. But it isn’t their fault. The storytelling doesn’t seek for big antics. Hence, you can see them work hard on details like the way Holland hits on a wall and then falls up front after trying to run and match the momentum. These tiny notions aren’t awe gasping but soothing to watch, thinking that the Universe is still in safe hands.

Holland is a good performer, there is no doubt about that, but a performer needs a good partner which he is in short here. Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck actually has quite a wide range that isn’t even touched in here. His character has the caliber to carry the film on his shoulder, but the surface is barely scratched and as a result, Holland stands alone in the screen. Far From Home stays quite close to the Universe. That is its biggest win, derived equation looks upgraded and the funky hip and happening music in sync with the MCU’s loud and crowd pleasing soundtrack.

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