There is no way Fiennes is letting you experience any other actor’s terror, not with those dead eyes.

Fiennes has an understanding of a mature person. Or maybe, he just nods like a four year old kid. That can only be pinned down after, the director Ralph Fiennes runs a few more mile ahead in this chair. For as far as this sprint is concerned, it is backed by an incredibly gritty script. Also, never have I ever seen a director, that is so screenplay driven as Fiennes. He adopts the shape of the vessel, electively- it’s a whole democracy and the voice of the people kind of state. Now, he may never cast his signature impact, if he wishes to or if he could. But he is incredibly humble to the content and context that the material demands.

He has a potential to mature himself as a director, since he has kept himself open enough to be accepted and criticized honestly. And that’s another reason why his films come off more like old style filmmaking. Along with the fact that he doesn’t seek to glorify the screen with thrills nor creates moments for each individual. He isn’t invested on leaving the screen with style. His storytelling makes up for the dramatic or cinematic moment itself, that later on in the film marks as some vital historical scene to be reminisced or be proud upon.

In fact, there comes a certain antic- of course, there comes a scene where the entire story hinges upon, it’s Shakespeare. And I have never been so afraid in a horror film as I was in that press conference. You know something is about to go down, and as much as you want it to, you also don’t want it to. This is simply a testament to excellent performance and filmmaking. And so what if Fiennes end up asking for some patience from you, he is entitled to, he, Coriolanus.

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