Life Is Sweet

The siblings opposing and denying in their confessional meltdown, is some of the best writing I have seen in my life.

Leigh is an optimistic filmmaker. I mean you can say that from the title itself. But before I start, let me come out and say that I might not be the perfect guy to say something about the writer and director, Mike Leigh’s film. For saying that the film is close to me, would be understating. It is a story about my family. In fact, the younger kid, the lead character, is me. So before you move further, my point should not be accounted, for it may be biased. Still, I’ll try to be vague and less focused on coming up with some varied adjective describing my affection towards Mike Leigh and his lofty project- last one, I promise.

Let’s try and bring out the disadvantageous side effects. And let’s give the devil his due, the film has the consistency to run for an hour episode, maximum. It is not that the rest of the material is stretched. It’s just that Leigh persists us on understanding the views of other members before closing up. He requires the momentum of the characters to carry enough weight when they finally collide with each other. And it does pay off, undoubtedly.

And there is this additional character of Timothy Spall whose swag is on thousand throughout the course of the film. Watch him put on a funky suit and carefree attitude that rests upon the doom that he has been calling for. And David Thewlis is more like the voice of reason, a surprise package, whose thought provoking questions are as good as absurd. Yet, I find myself recalling the tiny elements that Leigh has spread out to collect and swoon over. Jane Horrocks whispered the secret far before the film ends, when she smokes a cigarette for a lunch, her bitter and sharp looks exhales that Life Is Sweet.

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