Blade Runner

Scott proves his theory over and over again, reject it as much as you like, it evidently follows the laws of nature.

Scott himself isn’t sure about where to go with a material so rich as such. Reinventing, rebooting and reevaluating the world and the characters that it so repulsively possesses, the director, Ridley Scott, has come up with an ambiguous sombre ending or one even might say conclusion to one of the most controversially acclaimed sci-fi adventure. And yet watching this film multiple times, I have never felt it being adventurous nor dramatic. It surfs around the gray area of some profound documentation where the observer isn’t who we think he or she is. And i think that is why the film ages so well.

Not, just the modernization of the world or how it presumes it to be, but in your memories, most of all. It is a film that haunts you and pursues you to think twice before jumping in on any decision. And that’s the beauty of it, love it or hate it, something so engrossing as such will not leave you alone. The alluring picturization of both the polished porsche version of the society and the cheap ruffian materialistic world that is sick at its core, balances out the film evenly.

As far as characters are concerned, they are basically at war. Shooting at knowns and befriending the unknowns, the depth in their nature is colored by their neutrality towards the nature and its opposite, the post-apocalyptic world. Harrison Ford is a part of an audience for a huge chunk of time. Watch him calculate, fail, sacrifice and charge, and yet the best he does in the film above all, is share. His inexpressive nature ping-pongs back the other character’s ideology and deeds with an illuminating reflection that casts an entire trajectory of theirs in a frame, maybe that is why he is entitled to be the Blade Runner.

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