Hawke and Rapace writhes in those shared memories that pauses us still, in the middle of this hilarious mayhem.

Budreau, feels like he is always under surveillance. Safe are his film and authentic, hallmarked his methods. The director, Robert Budreau is playing safe, which catches you with quite a surprise considering the theme of the film. The risks are emerged from left and right or even from the top- “NO GAS!”- and yet the survival instinct of this empathetic criminal keeps us at the brisk of our emotions. Nails get bitten away and the laughs turned into a jarring flat emotion that I could only describe as captivating or surprised or satisfied, I don’t know exactly, maybe all of it packed and send under to the address, “entertainment”.

And that is where the film should have sticked to, for as soon as it aims for something it cannot get hold off, the earned and built pyramid collapses brutally. Another missing puzzle is the key to the observation. A known and occurred event as such should have a better observer than a storyteller. And on the plus side, is the balance between comedy and drama which frankly I wasn’t so sure about, going in on this film. And after experiencing it, I think it is those dead eyes of Ethan Hawke that whips you with excitement.

If they grow dead in a comic situation you find yourself giggling like a six year old, and if they find themselves dead when insulted for his capabilities or incapabilities, the drama conjures the screen. And as short lived and quirky this love track may feel like, Noomi Rapace surely carries it in her body language, forever. She, describing a recipe and having a melt down, defines the thin line that film walks throughout this so-called heist occurring in Stockholm, that turned out to be a work, a showcase of brave potent friendship, ready to jump out of the plane to save the day.

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