If this is how television can stage a musical show, we are gonna need more of this, let Rockwell and Williams be the shining example.

Thomas Kail and Steven Levenson, the creators, actually wants to tell this story. The zest keeps the series alive and us engaged in their intertwining of multiple parallel running plots, all synced in one big provocative musical number. Yes, provocative is the word I’d use. If watching Sam Rockwell play Bob Fosse arrogantly and Michelle Williams cutting him sharply, won’t amp up you to the brisk of the seat, I don’t know what will. Simply, put it this way, it is just good television. As mentioned, the non linearity is the best asset to the series. Not only for the subsequent punches that it prepares for, in each chapter but the magnitude of the change in the priority; hater gets to hate and lovers, the reason to run for the autographs.

And this is one of the primary reason why, the chapters keep increasing the stakes and as a result the adaptation, of Sam Wasson’s book Fosse, keeps getting better. Surprisingly, the singularity of the character remain resonant. With this much plot being choked up, in the first glance, the structure looks like some tangled earphones- 21st century-, the command of these creators over these characters is impeccably inspiring. And the rest of the work is done by the performance of the cast. Signing big, big names like Rockwell and Williams, the check pays off.

The chemistry is better off left alone, and no matter how good your writing is, the performance is the only way that could have justified their real equation. Biting and kicking each other, from the first act, the choreographer is ignored by the dancer and the dancer is never respect in front of choreographer’s eyes. Yet, Williams and Rockwell dances so elegantly. It is not the passionate attraction that makes us believes in their reasons for being together, it is something beyond the show business that they crave for or the social life that bars them to behave in a specific way or the ethical reasons of bearing each other in one room, it should have been Rockwell/Williams and not Fosse/Verdon.

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