This Is The End

Scoot over celebrities, you will have to earn the ticket, this agenda, unfortunately works only so far in the film, the first act, to be precise.

Goldberg and Rogen are spit balling. Culminating, admittedly and evidently, “stupid” ideas thrown left and right, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, the director, the idea remains the definite seed it was when it was pitched. Beyond that it never grows, but what’s been aching is that it never even could. Yet, with an experience in show business for these many years, especially in this genre, these group of friends has managed to draw out an engaging weekend. But here’s my problem. Since, they have been in this show business for more than decades, by now, they should have been funny on the screen like they are with each other in a bar. That is what the usual goal is for any comedian.

Yet, in here, the humor is dry and irrelevantly R rated. With only few impressive gags up their sleeves where they mock the films that they have been inspired from, there is familiarity in their vocab that we all can resemble to, like “The Exorcism” or Harry Potter references or Jonah Hill and James Franco mocking their own films. Another issue, is that there are way too many references in their conversations, to a degree that Hill has to point out at a certain point that, “Hey, man. That’s a good reference.” What?!

The performance need not be shouted about, I think it was really easy and comforting, considering they were playing themselves- some weird level of narcissism- they were actually good. Not taking themselves up a notch, they saw themselves as some other being and definitely made it look easy. Special appearances like Emma Watson and Michael Cera and Kevin Hart remains the highlight of the show. While the rest of the stuff justifies the title, where after walking out of the screen you will agree that This Is The End.

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