Yes, it is a typical coming of age film, but the kids aren’t just told to have fun, the supervisor is a smart cookie.

Wilde has got it. I think so. I mean, there have been plenty debut directors hitting home runs in couple of years. And even though, the director, Olivia Wilde, isn’t changing the game or flipping the table, but her rhythm is adaptable to those ever-changing background score that often transcends into a catchy song. Watch her craft a sensible theme that leans towards drama or comedy, within a snap. This risky element in the script does hover around the dangerous territory and when it has to get its hands dirty, it whimpers. The drama is a bit transparent and emotions overridden. The equation between the lead characters, despite of being shallow and backstage when taken lightly, is more absorbent than when it finally reveals its true self.

And no matter how smartly Wilde choreograph these fights with using productive angles and expressive background score, the cheesy liners that initiates the conversations cannot be pulled off with all the distractions possible; no matter how elegant. Beanie Feldstein is the winner. Clearly. Mostly, because she has got a leader-alike role. She is up for anything, overpowering everyone, her personality is, in fairness, crowd pleasing. Her know-it-all attitude draws you in and her.. well, friendship tames you into adoring her.

Kaitlyn Dever, on the other hand, is the underrated star whose zest to keep things vanilla helps survive their friendship. But, surprisingly, as a character, Feldstein can’t even stand alone, and Dever is strong when alone, this is where things get juicy and also come to an end; a bit early I’d assume. At the end of the day, this will always be the beckoning of Wilde’s talent, that were maybe hidden maybe not, but what’s sure is that she is here to stay, in her comic arena, not experimenting but confident in her punch lines.

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