Barbershop: The Next Cut

Cube is getting the bigger cut and he never takes it for granted, just like the world he revolves around, the chemistry is off the hook.

Lee knows it is the White House party of the parties. Everybody would want to be in it and everyone would want to have a big chunk of that cake. And offering them enough space to come in and present their show as they feel, the director, Malcolm D. Lee is rearranging the shuffled acts into one big discussion. Yes. Discussion is what the film feels like. And to be honest, it is a fair discussion, swooping in every opinion and perspective and idea and even a politically wrong comment. This is how honest, they are, they mock so arrogantly and accepts the insults and repercussions bravely.

In fact, the very first act is it. Ticking for almost the first half, the discussions are the best part of the film, it starts off from fighting over the equality, they find themselves tangled in a long chain, ping pong-ing back and forth, spewing and biting each other trying to prove their superiority sarcastically. The referential comedy is turned to 11. To someone who doesn’t come from that background, would get definitely difficult to grab the momentum of the humor.

Another major improvement is scoffing off the limitations that their previous installments had, correcting themselves politically and going toe-to-toe with the generations, the pace has improved and sensitive content juiced up. Ice Cube is still the sober worker in this shop and Cedric still the most drunk one, no new character coming in with their fresh humorous vocab could beat Cedric’s comic timing, he has been in their chair for more than a decade ago and that throne is well earned. Barbershop: The Next Cut may feel like the cut that you have been getting over the years, it’s just that they have used the wave of the current media into account that will make you feel like you are new, once again.

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