Hanks is blabbering out his innocence with sensitive and easily adaptive body language, fall into it, he is big enough to catchy you.

Marshall is a lover of old fairy tales. And just like it, it makes you feel warm and cozy, sipping coffee as it rains outside the window Saturday evening. The director Penny Marshall is served everything cooked up front in the table, that doesn’t mean he isn’t investing, it’s just that there is very little for him to explore with his arms open. The writers Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg are the real deal. Their simplicity of the concept is so absorbing or “catchy” as kids say nowadays, that they not only to reel the viewers in, but the familiar joyous ride they offer for straight two hours is a sight to behold.

From being linearly sensible to complicated to the core, the elevation of the bar in the arc of these characters signifies the morale clause of how to live or experience your own life. And who’d have thought that, there will be a love twist in this resonating tale. Thought provoking ideas bubble up in this drama- it never was a comedy for me- where you want something wrong to happen even though you are well aware of its wrong-ness.

This is how good the writing is, the seduction knocks on your door and you want to welcome the person standing on the other side of the door, knowing he or she has the wrong address. Tom Hanks, playing a teenager, is keeping the emotions low and yet hyper on the bling-y or macho stuffs from the toy section. Even the job he works on, is so innocently motivated, I mean, of course his questions or ideas pitched on the meetings are a bit simpleton. I know that his relationship with Elizabeth Perkins is supposed to be the highlight of the film and yes, it is, undoubtedly. But the most underrated fatherly equation of him is with his boss and has some of the best moments of the film that actually makes it Big.

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