Quantum Of Solace

The second round takes a heavy toll on Craig, not accounting in the previous chapter scenarios, but individually, it is too effortful and tiresome.

Foster doesn’t serve my cup of tea. I never fully got his rhythm. Even in Finding Neverland, his mundane events never woke me up. And now invading the Bond franchise with similar speech and agenda, Mark Foster, the director, is keeping things mellow which doesn’t suggest that it is smart or mature. Let’s dive in on the conversations, that actually made its previous installment so light in feet, but this time reminiscing about the past and approaching the mission with the safest way possible, it gets very hard then to make it commercially successful. In fact, Judi Dench’s track has the objective to make sure Bond plays safe; practical(!), but who’d want that.

The action too, in this one seems like a bait, almost a reason to make it there on time, or more accurately to reach the two hour clock, ergo the flight chase, the water chase, the car chase and the running chase, too much of ingredients did spoil the appetite. Let me go back once again, to the rhythm of the film, with no whatsoever thread linked in the narration, jumping from one debate to another, there is zero romance between these characters to make us care for them- overcooked empathy for one character will not make up for everyone.

Daniel Craig with recent wounds is back on the hunt and with a more clenched jaw, he keeps his poker face on, that basically works as a guard who won’t let us in on his emotional journey, creating a physical distance with the audience. The Bond girl gets quite a chunk of bite but unfortunately antagonist, almost an empty space in this chapter. Quantum Of Solace is the afterparty after what went down in Casino Royale, the memory is a bit hazy and it also fumbles a lot.

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