Sidibe and Mo’Nique plays quite a long unbroken tennis game, the judges had to side for Sidibe, but personally, Mo’Nique stole the show for me.

Daniels doesn’t have Spike Lee’s aggression nor Barry Jenkins’s cut throat vocab. What Lee Daniels has, is warmth. Warmth so incredibly moving and cozy that it rubbles you down when it fully embraces your mistakes. Yes. Flaws are his way in. With a balanced world that isn’t overdosed by medication behavior, the obvious political correct expectations aren’t even touched to fight a fair fight. Also, there is a whole new dimension to be explored in here and figuring out a way to resist the inevitable judging eyes, Gabourey Sidibe is dipped in plethora of troubles to come out off in here. And this is quite a big mountain to climb upon and if it would be just us watching her climb, it wouldn’t be quite as engaging as it is.

Daniels convinces us to join the journey and he is a real trickster for he spreads crumbles of bread for everyone of varied appetite. The writing is really strong, especially the narration that mostly drives and guides the film, it is steady and informative, something every writers aspires to have. The hyphenated dialogues that mostly endorses cussing and rage spewed with sassiness does not only leave a jarring impression but also a levity that paints the practicality in a fight ensued in a house between a family.

Another tasteful ingredient sprinkled out is eerie camera work and dream sequences to express the views clearly without straining in the stick, it all hinges upon, which is the genre it claims to be that never derails. Precious unfortunately could never be rare, with dark spirits hovering around the film, it leaves a scar on you after it consumes a lot from you, and offering a cathartic finale, it is tipped towards the balance of an example of good filmmaking- Daniels is at his best.

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