And he is here, the ultimate saviour of the franchise, he is going to line up quite an audience to watch him do, well, anything.

Campbell raises the bar. It was light and easy to do so, and yet he failed to place it in the major leagues. The franchise does this every time, they take a big break and hype up their upcoming project and tease the fans to a degree that they go vulnerable enough to chug up any bizarre made up story that somehow revolves around the same cheesy, ethically wrong icon. And I guess, it’s that very same controversial debate that what is it so absorbing to watch three hours of gangsters creating havoc and still root for them. But at least, there is some sort of originality and authenticity in every new version of Martin Scorsese’s mean street boys.

Here, this almost a Royale personality, has been revoking his license for commercial cinema as a get out clause which never was and shouldn’t be an excuse to low quality cinema. And Martin Campbell, the director, isn’t adding anything new to it, yet with such huge fumbles in the past, this seems like a project where a lot of work was put on. And similar is our new hero Pierce Brosnan ready to be drooled over, he puts on a lot of effort even in the long chase sequences, unlike Roger Moore he doesn’t just sit by in a boat.

But what comes in natural to Brosnan; a highly appealing personality, is never reflected back by him with equally sincerity. And when he does work hard, his performance makes sure you are aware of it, such an effortful is his process and painful our experience. Sean Bean, a worthy foe sweats hard for it just like Famke Janssen who yells loud for the effects, combining them lies a noteworthy set of evil partner which is undermined by Brosnan’s stealy cold look with his blue-grey eyes and yet they called it a GoldenEye.

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