Die Another Day

Brosnan’s final adventure(!), please make some room for the eligible ones and not those that are just easy on the eyes.

Tamahori is a fan. He can’t hide it, at all. And over the year, some of the best films are given by fans like Kevin Feige, Rian Johnson, JJ Abrams. But with a fandom like such comes responsibility to own that title with some finesse in the work. Lee Tamahori unfortunately doesn’t have that, what he has is a good, nay great, banner that pays well. With production budget spewing money like a thirteen year old teenager cursing with his or her mates, this time along with huge set pieces even the actors hired are incredibly magnanimous. They don’t have enough range to flaunt their skills but that’s a different thing. This revenge based plot singing blood for blood has a familiar lyric in the song.

In fact, it is somehow similar to the original Sean Connery’s chapter where after Brosnan’s first act, things start up pretty much with 1-0-1 textbook mission ingredients. Another improvement has been the antagonist that they have been working on, from the previous chapter, not that they are linked but they are definitely appealing, in a sense that their perspective communicate with us, again not that we agree on it, NO, but they certainly do challenge our hero a lot.

The Bond girls are frisky with Halle Berry getting much, much attention, I would rather lean towards Rosamund Pike in her obvious duality persona, which she still presents with quite an engaging presentation, in those big eyes you can see an Oscar worthy talent in there. A masked theme explored- no pun intended- almost seems like a total waste in here where they had the opportunity to fool the viewers that might be manipulating but at least entertaining. Gadgets are a whole new thing now, to a degree that they are a character themselves. And I think, that Pierce Brosnan has been blessed with them, the most. Relying a lot upon them, he barely works hard no matter how loud and deep he grunts he is acting- well, let’s not go there and wrap it up with the title Die Another Day.

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