High Life

Denis has an agenda worth to be explored upon, but the assumed value of “x” in this formula, slams the bridge every time it attempts to connect or make sense.

Denis is a filmmaker that celebrates little wins. Colorful fireworks blazing through the sky that almost covers the space, she, with bottled-up-champagne sprees with all heart and no shame. Take its erotically (or probably just a battery!) charged exotic scene staged to enfold the reserved character of Juliette Binoche, into a magnanimous witch like mythological creature claiming what is rightfully hers through open dark long hairs that gives you the chills which you won’t be able to recover from. These tiny moments, is where Claire Denis’s, the co-writer and director, heart lies, she expresses metaphors through personifying on the screen and with a get out clause that comes by deeming the film of sci-fi genre, she visually colors it all bright, at times eye-stretching, but at least clear.

While the film distracts you with jaw dropping graphics, the characters are ignored, in fact, by the writers themselves. With no romance between the characters or any development as an individual one, Denis wants us to stay in this inescapable prison. Floating in a spatial bubble so blatantly, there are no bars held on projecting the envisioned theories, it comes with a price as it makes you cringe your body but also marks a vital note on the rule sheet.

Which begs the question, is that exaggerated version necessary to strike fear upon our hearts or is it a manipulative strategy to create a jarring impact? I always thought that as a creator, you are to describe the stakes, maybe Denis should have lowered that bar beforehand. Robert Pattinson never fully cloaks his father figure persona, no hazmat suits or empathy could help him give a boost in this anti-gravity system that may not have the very existence of life and yet claims it High Life- a typical, learning to run before it can walk, case, admirable yet not excusable.

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