Spider-Man: Homecoming

Watts has a great team, Holland, in the film, does not, he swings out as a hero without the “the one” clause.

Watts is in safe hands and the franchise in his. Most probably because he has more than five writers contributing majorly on developing a light hearted durable version of our friendly neighbor, that has lately been changing. With these many comic writers, that are mostly averted from their sitcom works for this huge banner film that has actually seen fame through this very character back in 2002, John Watts is simply following the rule, to a degree that his world that revolves around teenagers couldn’t even be bratty properly, what a shame.

Revisiting one of the most successful superhero in the box office may not be a good idea, but somehow those filters that bars the imagination of the makers also makes them bulletproof. The history won’t repeat itself, and Kevin Feige who has previously worked in the original Tobey Maguire trilogy, clears out all the speculations we have had of this character over the ages. Just freeing those limitations itself helps flow the narration with a quick pace and before you know it, you are having a serious talk with Aunt May played with an hip and happening attitude by Marisa Tomei.

But there is no point involving supporting characters in here, for even the writers never glances twice at them, and this is where the film stands alone in this franchise. Even for a brief period, each of the chapter in MCU feels obliged to include the supporting characters in narration but here, Peter Parker is the target and.. bullseye. For a film of more than two hours, Tom Holland runs on merit and pulls off an entire film on his shoulders, with a compelling performance that shifts according to the tone or maybe he himself controls the tone, after a major fiasco NYC’s heartthrob returns home in this Homecoming.

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