Captain America: Civil War

Russo Brothers are six-pack energy drink full, the after party is too much and fortunately the phrase, the more the merrier, against all logic, works.

Russo Brothers is painting the best of what this franchise can and does offer. This peak of MCU pulls every cat out of the bag they can, with political correctness that it breathes and a thrilling blood for blood revenge that it dwells on. This sci-fi genre that MCU has been claiming it so arrogantly uptill now comes alive in this final chapter of Steve Rogers. The film is not only confident but thought provoking where the makers being aware of the influence of these characters over the decades, crafts into the storytelling wisely; one of the primary reason why Zack Snyder’s Dawn Of Justice fails to communicate with its momentum.

What Joss Whedon failed to do in Age Of Ultron, Russo Brothers, the directors, does it with such ease that the previous chapter seems like a joke. The depth that this film breeds in this accused franchise is impeccable in context to the passion of finally even attempting to raise bigger questions that not only puts its banner on trial but also exhales satire in those dinner table conversations. “..and conflict breeds catastrophe” so obvious is that conversation yet so enlightening on reaping the flag with a propaganda written in bold for each character in that room that may or may not emit their views.

“It must be hard to shake the whole double agent thing, huh?” whips Downey to Johansson that has a much more gasping effect than any of the staged battles in the film. Probably the most underrated antagonist in the franchise, all his clips edited and sprinkled on the storyline is much more nuanced that your usual scenarios in MCU, “there is a little green in your blue eyes..” he concludes and you know then and there with a satisfying feeling that the film has succeeded along with Daniel Bruhl that spirals out what they call it Civil War, he, an empire fallen.

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