Reed keeps throwing away the opportunity and Rudd keeps pulling it back in, this tug of war is pure fun.

Reed’s comic book film is more like a high budget-ed season finale of a sitcom. There is levity in its body language that seems God gifted. While the actual reason is, of course, co-writers like Edgar Wright and Adam McKay and Paul Rudd himself, along with the director Peyton Reed whose previous project has been of such genre. And yes, as far as the film cares for the joke, the punch line, it is of course difficult to beat this chapter, I think it would even surpass the second Iron Man. But there is always so much they can give in on humor, especially with a banner as big as of Marvel whose film evidently goes to places where not the average one does. And packing this mixture of diverse genre is where this Christmas gift goes wrong.

There are so many moments where you can see the lack of awareness between the screen time and the script, for instance, after Rudd finally manages to conjure the art of commanding an army of ants, the family drama that is ensued seems out of place, maybe the director’s cut has the answer for it. The now-ripped Rudd fits right into the role from self-created quirkiness to how-to-train on a training montage, his carefree attitude still cracks me up.

But only until, Michael Pena hadn’t arrive with a referential talk that he does so casually, his inevitability on not-evolving as a character is the best arc to it. Speaking of evolution, Evangeline Lilly never gets to experience that nor does Michael Douglas, in that case, their family drama despite of the past they have been through, seems monotonous and poorly crafted. Ant-Man is not a title nor a concept that would convince you to barge in on their heist, but once you do, your lazy bones would go stronger and you’d know that the film had succeeded in its entirety.

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