Kenneth Branagh ignores the romance between the siblings and the film suffers.

Branagh has a fluent zip in his vocab that can make even a tiresome script look easy. But then, there is always so much he can do. The script whose birth seems more like an obligation than passion can only go so far. The film is a set-up to the big upcoming ergo has very little to stand on.. well, anything. Not only does the script rely upon cliched scenarios with daft one liners, but the irrelevant action on steroids, that may match Hemsworth’s behemoth figure, doesn’t bode well to the storytelling.

To narrate a tale of hotheads is one thing, but you still have to make sense at times but in here, there are no elements or tactics that drives this rage which each character is brimmed of, nor there is any lines to be read between the scenes, in fact, I think there is barely any editing in here. Natalie Portman, as an intense workaholic scientist is surprisingly funny and light on her feet. From her body language- it is always fascinating to experience the change in energy in the room when Chris Hemsworth takes out his shirt- to her subtle innuendos of leaning towards the god like creature, is some of the pure delights that the film has to offer.

A tourist entering a new arena and trying to blend in on their culture, is the best aspect of Hemsworth’s role; something that Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman too goes through, and against all odds he is simply funny. Tom Hiddleston as the jealous trickster breathes commercial cinema in his performance, he craves for those cheesy moments- a loud vein-popping yell or a half ominous grin on his face- and you know what, you still are going to enjoy it, such is his persona on screen that he appeals so eminently and yet they call it Thor.

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