The Avengers

Joss Whedon strikes the door hard and what’s visible is Kevin Feige’s dream team.

Whedon is much better a writer than he is a director. On a scale of McQuarrie, disappointingly Joss Whedon, the director, wouldn’t even qualify as one. For when it comes to map the ever longed battles by the fans, he takes things lightly a lot. Whatever glory that bedazzles you on the screen, is a pure feat of bravery on paper not on screen. Too much cheese and too much sweet, his self-earned jaw dropping moments, are spoiled by him by the bitter afterbirth of his fandom. Fortunately, these battles are here as the starters, the main course is the “build-up” to that battle.

Whether then you watch gleefully these characters argue egotistically or see a train of awe-gasping moves by them to overpower each other on screen. There lies a profound poetry between these moments where you can see 8 year old Whedon playing with his toys in his room, creating banal engaging scenarios between Captain and Tony. This crowd pleasing franchise saw the maybe-expected uplift from this chapter, as it managed to bring out every adored content, from humor to drama to juicy visual effects. The dollars were written in the script and so it was visible on screen.

Among all the triumphs of Whedon, his biggest is combining these behemoth figures and weave out a compelling conversation that is worth ten times any battle shown. Downey is the singular actor that comes out with a sigh, his performance isn’t interfered by the intertwining of multiple plots, which it seems like it did to others. If aligned the priorities of the makers, the characteristics of the characters that evolves into an essential element in the storytelling, is their way in, for this safe formula wasn’t inscrutable enough to convince us that these guys, The Avengers, can avenge.

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