Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai

A Melting Ice Cream Cone.

Jarmusch has an exonerating comic book quality. Dipped in an ancient cultural theme, Jim Jarmusch, the writer and director, accounts in all these events and ideologies for a clean easy action drama flick. This is a quality product, not a thought provoking drama, but incredibly rich in details, where there are barely any words spoken. Jarmusch also uses animals like dogs and bears and pigeons and even woodpecker to explain the spookiness. Addition to that, he also adds a cartoon-ish world in all the television scenarios to express the guns duels or how a girl welcomes all the birds in her house.

But amongst all these metaphors, the one where Forest Whitaker observes a hunter being hunted by the victim, somehow paints the picture of the entire film. This employer gone wrong to the employee case, might be old but the heat extracted from that very ripped off storyline is a breath of fresh air. Another brilliant installation is of his unexpected relation with a girl and the ice cream seller. The girl whom he teaches by giving her a book to read somehow links and encircles all the character where the book is passed upon.

The parchment is every now and then displayed with some sort of profound poetry and a useful piece of information for an insight in the character’s perspective as Whitaker is not your talkative neighbor. Whitaker in this conserved brooding character charges at you with fear and a lot of empathy with his love for innocent beings, whether it be coming then from his read and applied books or just his nature. Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai is similar to its slick homemade gadget, sharp and precise in its work, Jim means nothing but business in his new territory.

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