Born To Be Blue

Art Over Anything.

Budreau is reaching for something beyond his reach. After the dust settles, it somehow might be beneficial for him, but there is a void so remarkably unavoidable that sucks out all the fun from the room decimated by Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker humming couple of tunes. Its greatest trick that the entire structure hinges upon isn’t its best asset, if anything it might be off putting, the tease in the game is meant for a greater appeal and not the punch line of the joke. Fortunately, the screenwriter and director, Robert Budreau wins long before the last act is staged.

The real romance of the film actually looks like a long hand of tennis match, where both Hawke and Carmen Ejogo keeps ping pong-ing each other for the laughs and attention. But amidst all that, the caped approval of both these actors is what makes us nod into their rhythm. This fast paced screenplay is enfolding layer by layer with a steady pace but unfortunately there isn’t anything in the next page, so informative or bedazzling enough to sync the level of maturity the performance has to offer.

Hawke in his red unblinking eyes and crooked teeth, expresses loneliness in his body language even when he shares the screen with his better half. As much as reserved Hawke is, Ejogo is equally generous, she puts a lot into the table, competent for both of them, their chemistry is like of a 50 year old married couple in the very honeymoon period of their relationship. Contrary to popular belief, Budreau’s world is the apt anecdote of the mixture of art and social lifestyle which it manages to teeter throughout the film. Born To Be Blue has the lyrics for the Ethan Hawke, by the Ethan Hawke and of the Ethan Hawke- it doesn’t always have to make sense.

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