In A Valley Of Violence

A Love Letter Burned To Ashes.

West believes on doing a good job, no matter how B grade the work is. This Sergio Leone-isc style of his, practically whispers his love for the western genre. Call it a sincere homage or an open love letter to those Eastwood films, it locks and loads gun like they used to in the old days. The sharp sound effects that amplifies every step or a knock on the wood or an echo of a fired bullet or a horse ridden in a hot dry land, every aspect of it defines the genre it claims to be, along with the opening title and the eerie zoom-in of the camera.

The John Wick of the western world is the plot and surprisingly the style matches the background score it has got, with a competitive nature that each character is brimmed off, the hot-head world isn’t balance at all, but then it sort of is the premise of this valley. And cloaking on this John Wick suit, is Ethan Hawke in Ti West’s evidently and meant to be unoriginal film. Hawke enrages you with his cold looks coming from warm escapist familiar eyes where he is told to carry on the film with nothing but power and anger, not his forte to be honest, but this theater artist never disappoints.

If Hawke is left alone on the screen, John Travolta on the receiving end is dependent to someone else. He is always sharing the screen, the references he makes while justifying the deeds, even the plans he makes in attempt to kill Hawke. Personally, I feel connected with the most cinematic and practical character of all, Taissa Farmiga who leans in towards Hawke as part of an obligation that shines a complete honest light on her trajectory and how she must have survived In A Valley Of Violence.

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