Good Will Hunting

Accept Your Blessings.

Van Sant’s coaching is pretty much what you already know. His guidance isn’t extraordinary but is undeniably productive. This vivacious film runs on nothing but the merit of the script. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the writers, aren’t bringing anything new on the table, but it is the Disney of the dramatic movies. Incredibly confident in its ingredients, the film never stutters, not even for a frame. What’s been so crowd pleasing about the script, is its ability to create a topsy-turvy world in a pragmatic one. Usually, the concept of “power” in the hand is often presented as misused by the characters and also always is craved by them.

In here, Matt Damon who powerfully portrays a guy that accounts in, his photographic memory as a hindrance. His surrounding doesn’t ask him to repel it, but his affection towards that very surrounding and the fear to go physically distant with it, makes him turn all this into a hobby. Damon’s excruciating performance of an arrogant and blessed kid has a match that makes him rubble in a snap.

And the answer is Robin Williams, that cloaks in a completely opposite persona to Damon in order to get in, in his game. If Damon likes to hurt, he keeps his wound open, if Damon oozes power and rage, he whispers warmth so gently that it makes your eyes teary within a blink. And despite of all the other tracks sprinkled amazingly in the film, Williams and Damon sharing a few laughs sitting in the room is the best asset of it, that Gus Van Sant is well aware of and encourages it like some big antic to stand tall and proud upon. Good Will Hunting is never a hunt, if anything it is the surrender in a long lasting lost game, that actually our host never cares for.

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