Cut Out The Middle Man.

Peele is a good filmmaker. Even better in direction that he is at writing. For instance, I could see that there is barely anything on paper to make it run for an hour let alone two. But with sharp and clear of vision of creating a nail biting scene, he speaks effervescently on the topic of the day. But then, when scrambled together these finely crafted material in a dish, it comes off a bit confused. He has a lot to say and he does. Which makes you wonder is he trying to sum up all by respecting the “boundary” of the subject or is just a mere marketing strategy to get in your head?

He pays homage to classic horrors like “Jaws” and “Shining” and this is how you know how much aware he is as a director, his choice of costume design, background song and petty knock knock jokes actually advances storyline further. Primary aspect of his films are the elements that he works on throughout the storyline, for the arc of the character and the film. This old school method is both gripping and productive, from a failed magic to a broken boat, their trajectories can easily be seen and yet are thrilling to encounter.

He also uses nature for the horror. He doesn’t animate or personifies the thrills, from rabbits to birds in the beach changing their behavior to even owl set up in a Scary House. The writer-director Jordan Peele’s typical four part horror is actually elevated by the performance especially Lupita Nyong’o in the lead. Unfortunately, a world so rich has the lead that barely shows any of its quality, the double edged sword that is Lupita’s character, never fully gets her story right. From Us to them, Peele’s slow and wisely paced project increases the scale to an unexpected delightful experience.

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