Her Smell

Listen To Her Language.

Perry has basically written a drama for an underfunded stage play. Fortunately, it doesn’t capture the usual rigmarole of such hard punk rock band artist and their behavior or reactions to obvious things. But then it certainly follows the cliched part of the “fame” factor. Just that it is set all in the backstage. And this is where Alex Ross Perry; the writer-director, excels at. On jolting down that very tensed environment it creates within that room, something we can easily communicate and resonate with, that is pulsating vividly by Moss’s powerful performance.

Never mind the fact, that it fails to break down the walls and go beyond the room, these conversations are illuminating and informative enough to map out the characters sharply on the screen. What the film fails to give you, is any reason for you to hold on to this ride till the last stop. Yes, you are intrigued to know how and where these characters will end up, but this actually is the testimony of Elizabeth Moss’s performance of a bratty, cynical and bohemian tree that grows exactly to be what you reaped for.

As far as the structure goes, it is a predictable textbook outdated method, no matter how much Perry’s absorbing conversations and nail biting background score might try to convince you otherwise. The other supporting cast like Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne and Dan Stevens are left as a mere pawn in front of Elizabeth Moss playing the lead named “Something She”- that’s got to catch up! The only reason it works for more than it required is because Perry is shining the light on only the big moments that are simply easy to behold. Her Smell expresses the vibes its lead guitarist oozes, a bit tangy, deep down sweet and a whole lot of electric-guitar-playing fun.

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