Winnie The Pooh

A Perfect Dream.

Disney has still got that magic sketch artistry. And yes, it is every bit of enchanting as it should be. From humor to drama, it hits every note perfectly. It covers up the physical sequences of the razzle dazzle that its younger audience craves for and explores themes that will make adults wiser and hooked. And they do it with a humble broad smile on their face and old children’s morale tales to create an arc on the storytelling. This is one of those rare collaboration of a bohemian work that fulfills every fanboy fantasies that we could imagine. Primarily because the makers themselves grew up watching these characters and the world they reside in, which glorifies each tiny aspect of the film.

The songs are delight to watch and catchy enough to make you hum along. It helps enormously for the writers to prove a point with repetition and expressive nature that these songs easily are. The visual effects, as always, is adorable, plus this time they have managed to blend in the real world and the imaginary one effortlessly with words floating around and each frame depicted as a page of the book. And this is not some new technique to lure the audience in, but a major factor of the narration itself.

Among many daft conversations, there are few that would straight out stand alone, the hilarious final act, where the wordplay and the puns grows habitual to you and the dumbness and maturity both loud enough for you to be thoroughly entertained as these characters intertwine with slapstick humor. The voice over cast is undeniably soothing to be heard, from which of course Jim Cummings bubbles undeniably, in his low calm speech that melts you down to your childhood memories where Winnie The Pooh was never a fiction.

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