The Road

Brood And Breed.

Hillcoat is confident in his world. Almost as if too much confident at times. The stillness and the rawness that he has captured is both his major asset and the upset. Stillness, mostly favors in on actors account as they never miss a chance to flaunt in their skills at these moments. But the rawness that makes it authentic, can also be jarringly haunting and off putting on terms of the appeal. Armed with a sharp absorbing adaptation, John Hillcoat- the director- has unfortunately lost the structure and somehow the spark of the game these characters are involved in.

What could have been fascinating is the film not obliged to specific various acts, since it is only one big act, a build up of the finale. But that one big act certainly overstay its welcome and takes things for granted. As far as verbal sparring is concerned there isn’t much to rely upon, as mentioned before, the film relies upon physical sequences to speak volume and the man to look forward on such instances is of course Viggo Mortensen. His gaze whilst brooding onto various aspects of the location or situation comes in handy in this world.

But what grounds and humanizes his character, is the way he looks at his boy (Kodi Smit- McPhee), there is nothing but peace left in your heart as he teaches and corrects him. And when the time comes to take tough decisions, his pain and fear is what drives Mortensen to amplify the momentum or the drama to a cinematic level. The guest cast like Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce comes in and does their work expectantly and fulfills their importance on screen. The Road is hard, long and unfortunately bumpy, with none whatsoever rest in this journey, it can grow tiresome for the audience.

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