Three Days Of Condor

An In And Out Inn.

Pollack has been into romance before anything. Even in a story of crime, betrayal and mystery like such, he cannot help himself lean towards crafting out a love story. And as we all can see in here, most probably this is his major asset. Not a witty film but a superficial one, not satisfying but soothing. As far as the thrills are concerned, they come in cheap. With only its first act, delivering and respecting the genre the film claims to be, the tone shifting in its latter acts is something that is not easy to nod along with.

The sense of urgency that Sydney Pollack; the director, wants us to feel is one big jolt of exhilarating dose that we wolfishly mug up and later regret on. He is of, course, no short on execution, his keen eye on details that sets and maps the room or a location in viewers’ mind helps a lot in such a film. The physical sequences is another example, with multiple camera shots, the action is fast, cleaner than we usually get and well choreographed.

Turner (Robert Redford) as the victim of the film and being framed by bigger banners is on a run or so you would think. Since that run goes on halt after he meets Kathy (Faye Dunaway) and the appealing sensual love angle swoops in on storytelling. The mellow impactful moments shared by these two stars is something we can all devour with ease, if lopping off all the other drama and strings, the love story had enough potential to stand alone, but unfortunately this who-done-it case fumbles in its last act poorly. Three Days Of The Condor might be a shorter stay than in the novel it is adapted from, but then it also feels longer at times.

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