Sleepless In Seattle

A Necessary Nap.

Ephron is a believer in simplicity. More importantly, she is a believer. Her entire film whispers to be it, her characters and her arc of the film, everything trying with full effort with all its heart. And on the other hand, her world is pragmatic as ours, often gullible and often mature, this is what keeps the film grounded. This culmination of two different tone sets the film in balance. There isn’t too much manipulative melodrama nor too little of the sincerity that it requires. And armed with a dream cast like such, Nora Ephron; the co-writer and director, teases her audience with a panache that you are practically giddy up for more.

With dreamy eyes and goofy body language Annie, (Meg Ryan) is born to be a rom-com actress, she is having doubts on her engagement, she has a best friend that is there to settle the scoreboard with humor and she is a believer. But what makes her stand alone is her love for the film, “An Affair To Remember”, in fact every female character in here goes on and on with their references, from someone who doesn’t even show up to little girls. And man-spreading the boyish charm is Sam (Tom Hanks) who cries while even talking about “The Dirty Dozen”.

His character falls under the sort of pity category and still Ryan’s silliness steals the show, probably because she seems more honest and unfiltered than him. Ross Malinger as a sassy kid is utterly convincing in his cloak and plays a major part on getting these two lead characters together. The humor is not overdoing it, but subtle and satisfying and often relied upon other characters that are not part of the film. Sleepless In Seattle is dreamy but not that satisfying as your usual romcom, there is a maturity in its speech this time.

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