The Full Monty

Shake And Groove Off Beat.

Cattaneo’s film is a big box of chocolates- not to steal any quotes- surprising and delightful the experience is, the humor part of it is just a cherry on top of all the razzle dazzle it sweats for. Drawing on the laughs with physical comedy, body shaming jokes and blatantly stealing and stripping, the film distracts you with equal sincerity on the appealing aspects of the script. This group of broken guys at the brisk of declaring bankruptcy in their professional and personal life, all comes in with a specific characteristic. A stereotypical format of such genre, but the content in here is not to be taken lightly, their own conflicts and solutions they resist and lean towards is what the entire film thrives upon.

The emotional drama is not over chewed or even manipulative, the subtle nuances of the heartwarming relationship of a father and son is something that is ticking throughout the course of the film set in background. Aforementioned, the humor isn’t cheap, at times it is swept in smoothly into narration. For instance, when Gerald played by Tom Wilkinson confesses his embarrassing secret to Dave portrayed by Mark Addy.

Speaking of whom, Addy’s characters is the strongest of all and his performance makes a powerful impact on the film as he struggles with possibly from all directions; the Rocky themed background score is a pretty nice touch to it. Gaz (Robert Carlyle) the leader of the group is the apt host to follow, since he is uncertain in his own rules and terms, the affection for him comes rushing in as he guides his kid with fair examples in life. Simon Beaufoy has written a smart illuminating script, The Full Monty, as titled, goes on full speed with its gripping layered screenplay that is not provoking but ingenious in its comfort zone.

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