Vox Lux

Wrap It Up.

Corbet has a concept and an avant-garde panache on exploring that concept. The result is surprisingly one big mixed bag of feelings. Unfortunately, “cheated” is one of them. Not for its incompetency or some bourgeois method, but for the hope it offers us. Among so many fumbles and in-congruent long take unedited shots- or so it seems like- there are moments where he steals the show with genuinely moving scenes and just good, fine writing. Also it is hard to summarize this film and not use “over this and over that”. It does take the maturity of its concept for granted, the style that has helped us get in on this vision of Brady Corbet; the writer-director, is also the anchor that weighs it down.

It is basically a double edge sword, overstaying its welcoming and overtaxing its audience for their patience, it looses the grasp over them and the film. The narration is separately allotted clips for Willem Dafoe to fill in and then also are other empty shots of locations that feels like an awkward open void that no one took care of. Craving for the stillness in the film is one thing and halting the narration to savor it is another. Often or not, you find yourself to be in a head scratching position in order to reach for the maker’s vision.

He isn’t delivering anything upfront which is good since it challenges the viewers to up the game but then is also guarding this apparently precious material through excruciating antics of his that is nothing but a chunk of cliched picks of this genre. Aforementioned, the concept makes it all worth exploring, especially since it puts the film itself on trial. Questioning these celebrities and the darker side of the show business, it is lopping off its own branch with an axe.

A fine model to look forward to only if itself wouldn’t have been an Oscar bait. Young Celeste and Albertine played by Raffey Cassidy has done a marvelous work on playing these both completely different characters. Jude Law’s character is the most juiciest and would be fun to play, and his performance respects that piece of art equally. But as anticipated it would always be Portman’s film. Her version of the on camera and off camera behavior of the pop stars is just a delight to watch.

Her sassiness and insults comes in handy, what’s fascinating to behold in her performance, is the incapability to pretend in front of the reporters and public. Even her performance has got that uneasiness and also at time cheesiness that mocks these famous personalities from all directions. She is the champagne part of the evening, her bubbled up anger in a calm flashy world that she revolves around, sparks up our night to have one more glass unapologetically. Vox Lux is sort of a new sheriff in town, the vision of Corbet has a big voluptuous heart in it, disappointingly the narration is of seen-this-seen-that conflicts.

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