Grans (Border)

A Love Triangle.

Abbasi asks for a lot; fortunately “please” is not one of it. He gives a lot too. But then what he gives can be too much for sensitive ones. It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. Poignancy will have a new definition at the end of it as innocence gets peeled blatantly on screen. To balance the tone, he keeps his film thrive on its beauty. But this ongoing battle might leave the audience scarred for ever. Personally, I felt it challenging to go through this experience. Overwhelming it is, on both sides of the door, this romantic drama is a war that keeps scraping your wound. The only complaint in here could be his fantasy. Yes, it was asked for, but should it have been pathos to that scale?

What’s worse above all, is that the mythology that it is set in, itself is gore. One often escapes into such tale to get lost in its unique wonder. But not here, his graphic vision tests you more than it teases you. As anticipated, such characters or content revolving around a bullied persona often fuels itself with fragile eye popping elements to lure you in. For instance, the textbook formula of igniting the spark between the lead couple, is often a series of incredibly adorable and mesmerizing elements that makes us root for them.

Don’t get me wrong, it does make us root for them, but the procedure is a wee bit different, it bubbles up the raunchy wilderness among them that might scatter your heart into pieces and fix it back with temporary promises- and this is of the least inedible substance in the film. And now as far as the practicality of the world and society that we revolve around is concerned it is simply cringe worthy. Humanity,- if I dare call it- the exploration of it has been a bless and a curse.

Blessing for how honestly it conveys and a curse for how honestly it conveys. It felt more like documentary than it was cinematic. Tina- our protagonist- played by Eva Melander has done a fabulous work on foliating her performance through tiny meticulous notions of an animalistic nature. The way she keeps herself distant from everyone, the way she sniffs, her understanding of an innocent being afraid of her whether it be then babies or dogs, her performance is her awarenesses of the suit that she is covered under.

Vore, his love angle, portrayed by Eero Milonoff is equally good on supporting her where he doesn’t get that wide a range. This chemistry is somewhat equivalent to- if I dare compare-Titanic. As in, a guy of his own set rules and laws enters into her calculative and well bordered lifestyle, invading through exhilarating new schemes ties the knot that she fails to unhook herself with; for a brief period. What was disappointing to me is that those schemes could have been more tantalizing. Border does differentiate the uniqueness of oneself, it asks for you to sit side by side comfortably, for hours, ages and lives.

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