A Walk In A Park.

Hughes is utterly confident in his fantasy, he personifies nature in a character that has much more to say than our protagonist. There is a lot of Lee’s Life Of Pie in it, but he makes sure he says beyond something than a brief encounter to the nature. He may not explore it thoroughly or dive deep into it, but he surely animates them to a larger scale. But no matter how sharp his vision grow or how skillful the method is, it is still a typical textbook of the genre. Familiar in its version and a theme with elements that we have all encountered before, there is a slow rhythm to it that makes you groove on your feet. The dance and romance between the nature and nurture aspect of those characters oozes and appeals power to us.

Visually, the film is beautifully, bright lit sky at night and single colored theme on each frame attracts the viewer to these live locations despite of being short handed on visual effects. The rich cultural traditions and rituals along with smart tactics proves the amount of detailing that went through in this process. The screenplay may not be mature but also never loses its cannon of speech, there barely resides any verbal sparring, and it is that amiability of physical sequences that communicates with us the most.

The performance is admirable if not completely outstanding, the lead cast survives progressively and expressively for us and we can filter out the effort easily. The initial tough equation between our protagonist and the wolf is the best of all, afraid of each others skills and behavior, they find a mutual admiration that binds them forever. Alpha is not the lead of this group, it certainly is vital to it, an expected, promised and delivered product.

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