For A Pointless War.

Avery’s battlefield grows more and more as a sham as it tries to be real. The setup is pretty basic, a mix-up of two clearly in-congruent genre that would tease you, which is also the very reason it will be off-putting. A bunch of soldiers; friends; warriors; call them anything, are allotted a parchment of a one-line note that describes their dogmatic characters and they are plastering it with commitment onto the screen. The conversations are chalky and the dialogues cheesy, but above all that physically repels you is the questionable trajectories that it adapts in every step of the structure. You are taught to scoff off few limitations in order to enjoy the film, where the entertainment comes in mediocrity.

Unless, you are a fan of gore vision foliated as a big CGI fight sequence, unfortunately the banal and unnecessarily loud bloodbath will be the least of your concern. What’s appreciative among all this, is Avery’s execution that is certainly improved, for even though he might not have anything under the covers, he surely convinces you to stay for the big reveal, Adepo invading the troops castle is well shot and is driven without any words on the screen.

Speaking of whom, the performance may not be exceptionally good, but it certainly lives up to the expectations where Russell and Asbaek- no matter how melodramatic- with cliched one liners creates a cinematic environment. One might even lop off all those questions that holds you back, but there seems no definite point that the film attains to reach, in its own reasons or hobby, it wishes to punch its way out of the room. Overlord is a big commercial empty threat, it can be crowd pleasing as it is not challenging you intellectually in any form, but then even the action is not for everyone.

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