Sleeping Beauty

Dream Real. Live Real.

Disney has got all the reasons and recipe now, to make the ultimate childhood dream. This crisp clean environment served in this binary world is a provoking act that stabilizes the reputation of its banner, after a few mediocre fumbles. It has got everything, a beautiful princess, a young prince, spellbinding magic, blessings and curses ridden by a huge evil dragon; enough to endorse itself. The concept no matter how familiar- the good vs evil philosophy- works for bringing back the theme to mythological level and analysed in detail. The blessing and the curse that clashes horns on screen is scrutinized for their purity with one dimensional characters on both sides, that are amiable to this storytelling.

The humor is left to the supporting cast as always, where the three maids does tickle you every time they fight for the color of dress or the method of preparations or coming up with banal ideas. This script feeds itself on supporting cast, no prince or princess will save the castle, these incredible helpers that usually are just giving them a head start has more three dimensional and deeper perspective than any other; they even share the screen the most.

On technical aspects, there is no holding back, from songs to music, to visuals to choreography, every frame whispers the Disney-ness on screen. The antagonist, instead of glorified- literally to a scale of dragon- doesn’t invest much in the narration, the conflicts and bickering of those maids along with their soft spot for our lead cast, is enough to keep the threat fresh and neat. The entire love and hate theme that it hangs on resembles a lot with Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Sleeping Beauty is everything you’re looking for, a rare Disney gem that lives up to the hype of the banner and the praises; even after ages.

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