He Shall Be Feared And Loved.

Murnau has many classic horror films under his sleeves, where this one tops the list for both harrowing images and higher concept. This is a bold choice, a film that is clearly ahead of its time and still leaves us shook even after a century. Joining the fan club a bit late, the hype had gone through the roof and it still managed to live up to the expectations. This mythological horror fiction is an innocent love story more than it is a surviving spirit. That electrifying affection that is expressed without any words shows the excellence of both execution and performance. The cinematography also plays a vital role along with stop motion photography to up the ante in the visual department with bright colors and spooky costume, makeup and production design.

Among so many bits, what comes as a shock is its parallel storytelling, there are characters biding their time struggling against their own nature to reach the aspired destination. The love track seems like a distraction, for as the other character kicks in, the layer by layer exploration of them, undermines it the rest of the bit. Count Orlok, the ace of the game, even though comes on screen for a short while, owns the scrutiny that he comes with, he conjures your fear not by being invincible but by being creepy.

His background tale that is narrated in the film as a book itself is the strongest point of Murnau, the mythological characteristics of his, makes the character more deep and rich for you to enjoy. On terms of performance, the cast has done an amazing work, from the lead actress to the titled character, even his worshipper too casts a major impact on the film. Nosferatu will never be a horror for me, it has lived for decades for its thorough analysation of fear, greed and lust, it has to be more than that.

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